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Todays Recommendation: Keren Ann August 8, 2007

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 I love Keren Ann, especially when she sings in French.

her myspace



The Blood Arm August 1, 2007

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There is one song I always dance to regardless where and when: Suspicious Characters by The Blood Arm. The song isn’t new to the scene, in fact its been around for quite a while. Check out the video to Suspicious Characters:

mp3. The Blood Arm – Suspicious Characters

Plans & Apologies July 31, 2007

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 Plans & Apologies caught my attention when Pandazpop sent me a link to their new video, Mel Gibson’s Iraq. This seven piece band is headquartered in Derby, England and they come with a political message. If you enjoy Stephen Malkmus’ work and dig stuff like the Kinks, you should listen to these guys. Check out the video to Mel Gibson’s Iraq:

Plans & Apologies’ myspace

Can I Get Get Get July 30, 2007

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As promised:

mp3. Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get

Junior Senior July 30, 2007

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Thats it, I’m ditching school and moving to Denmark. Junior Senior tour dates:

08/10 New Orleans, LA – Ryko Convention (Tipitina’s Uptown)

08/11 Boston, MA – Middle East

08/13 New York, NY – Highline Ballroom

08/15 Los Angeles, CA – Roxy

08/16 San Francisco, CA – Popscene

I get it. Leave out the south and the midwest. Let all the east and west coast get all the fun. I’m pissed.


mp3. Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get


*i’ll post the mp3 file as soon as filexoom is back up but in the mean time, stream it.

Hey Hey My My Yo Yo comes out on August 14. Don’t forget to pick it up.

Check out the video:

Junior Senior myspace 


Erol Alkan July 28, 2007

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…well I might as well give away Erol Alkan. Not that he’s a secret. This London-based dj has re-mastered so many songs I’m not even going to bother to mention them. If you enjoyed the previous songs I’ve posted, you’ll enjoy Erol. A friend of a friend of a friend told me he is coming to the US along with one of the Ed Banger groups but they might be lying.

This is a year old song of a Klaxons remix:
mp3. Golden Skans to Interzone – Klaxons (Erol remix)

Do some research:
Erol Alkan official

Digitalism July 27, 2007

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Digitalism is Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci and they’re from Germany. Daft Punk got their ass remixed and Justice plays them on stage. They’re debut album, Idealism, was released in May. Here are some of their upcoming tour dates in the US:

10-10 Boston, MA – Middle East
10-11 New York, NY – Studio B
10-12 Philadelphia, PA – Pure
10-19 Chicago, IL – Smart Bar
10-22 Seattle, WA – Neumos
10-23 Portland, OR – Doug Fir
10-26 San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
10-27 Los Angeles, CA – Monster Massive Festival (DJ set)

In the mean time, here is a taste of them:

mp3.Digitalism – Pogo

and check out the video:

Digitalism Myspace

To My Boy’s New Album: Messages June 21, 2007

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To My Boy

You will either love or hate these guys. Simplistic lyrics sang with robot-esque vocals which for some might sound familiar (this is probably the art brut fever speaking, everyone sounds like Argos these days. In a good way, that is.), smothered with catchy sounds from electric guitars to synthesizers isn’t exactly for everyone’s ear but if you’re into electro and don’t care much of the profundity of lyrics, you’ll love To My Boy. This duo, from Liverpool, have been around for quite a while but not much of their work has been released in the US. You can get some singles on iTunes OR you can be patient and get their first full length album, Messages, on July 2nd.

I really want to post Model but filexoom is being a bitch. So instead, check out the music video to Model. It reminds me to Sesame Streets’ How To segments.  I don’t know…I might be making this up.

To My Boy official


Air: Mer du Japon June 18, 2007

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Just recently this Parisian duo released the long awaited Mer du Japon EP. If the Beach Boys and Fujiya Miyagi had tube babies, this song is probably what they’d sound like. The EP has 2 remixes of Mer du Japon and the one done by the Teenagers is brilliant.  So get your copy on iTunes or listen to it on their myspace. Before you leave, check out the music video of Mer du Japon. It might come in handy if you ever need to do an interpretive dance.

mp3. Air-Mer du Japon

their myspace 

Art Brut June 15, 2007

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Art Brut

In a couple of days Art Brut will be releasing their second album: It’s a Bit Complicated. The band got their start with Rough Trade in 2003 and from then on entered the indie rock scene with a promising sound. Formed A Band was a hit in 2004 and without a doubt Nag Nag Nag Nag will do just as well. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a rare cover of We Are the Scientists’ The Great Escape by Art Brut. Now I’m not big on covers unless its Chan Marshall but this song is just excellent. There is something in Eddie Argos’ slightly off tune vocals that makes you want to put The Great Escape on repeat mode.

mp3. Nag Nag Nag Nag – Art Brut
mp3. The Great Escape – Art Brut

Art Brut official

Art Brut’s Myspace (thanks Mike!)
*They’re streaming the entire album. Go take a listen!