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The contributors of i-weenie are all for peace, love, justice, and weenies!
So i f you wish for any of the posted songs to be removed, have any suggestions or critiques even, or perhaps feel the need to become a contributor, send us an e-mail at:



1. kris legion - July 27, 2007


my girlfriend is a fan of ‘iweenie’ and has turned me onto it

i manage an artist ‘eugene francis jnr’ here in the UK – who released his debut single on monday (worldwide on itunes [including US and CANADA & Aus])

and i would like to try and get you into him ….. he is touring with TEGAN AND SARA over here in the UK

pls listen to the POOR ME single on his myspace > http://www.myspace.com/eugenefrancisjnr

and check out the video for it (it has been nominated for edinburgh film festival)

what some other blog sites have been doing is:

a. embedding the video for the single POOR ME (i can send you link)
b. offering the b-side KITES as free download (i can send you mp3)
c. including the html button/link that takes people direct to itunes for download (i can send you this)
d. a wee little biog …. your review


k x

2. KYLE - August 9, 2007

iWeebnie is for suckas!!

I’m a sucka.

check out It’s Trendy!

3. iweenie - August 10, 2007

thank you, Kyle.

4. bibomedia.com - March 5, 2008


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