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Ali Love May 7, 2007

Posted by iweenie in Ali Love, Dig it!, east london, electronic, funk, indie, music, soul.

Ali Love

Ali Love emerged from the East London scene in 2006 and made K-hole a summer anthem. In late October 2006, Ali released his first EP titled Camera on a Pole. The EP includes 3 songs and a Mustapha remix of K-hole. Its a shame that US’ iTunes don’t have him up for downloads but you can try uploading his EP through 7digital.com. Just a heads up though: I tried to download stuff through 7digital but they gave me a hard time, all i have now is a useless wma file, inconvertible to mp3 format. So, for now, Ali Love’s myspace will suffice. Check Ali Love out, he has 2 new songs up, both are strikingly reminiscent to the Ramones…on Ketamine and with a disco ball backdrop of course.

Ali Love’s myspace



1. Dj Metzger - May 12, 2007

hey, you can pick up a pretty cool wma converter from here. Use it all the time and its rock solid even on, gulp, Vista.

2. Dj Metzger - May 12, 2007

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