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EP.8 The Lovekevins, The Fine Arts Showcase, Audrey April 18, 2007

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Today’s post is dedicated to the up and rising Swedish bands.

The Lovekevins. I’ve heard some say that they sound like Weezer meets Fountains of Wayne but I ASSURE YOU they do not. Hear for yourself.

mp3. The Lovekevins – Tamagotchi freestyle (radio edit)

I heard The Fine Arts Showcase on a friend’s podcast. They’re first album Radiola was released in 2006. Their newest album, The Fine Arts Showcase Sings The Rough Bunnies, as the title entails, will cover songs by the indie group The Rough Bunnies and will be released this spring. If you like Editors, you should like these guys. Listen to the first song from their newest album:

mp3. The Fine Arts Showcase – Dance with Your Shadow (originally by the Rough Bunnies)

Finally, we have Audrey. The looks might say Camera Obscura but give them a listen, and you’ll quickly realize that they’re music is nothing close to that genre.

mp3. Audrey – Box and Fights



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