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EP.7 Anathallo, Sunset Rubdown, and Erin McKeown April 17, 2007

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Hi All! Here are some good tunes for spring when your riding dirty in your top back. Sunset Rubdown is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Canada. The band began as a solo project of Spencer Krug, of Wolf Parade. Eventually, the group expanded to include Camilla Wynn Ingr of Pony Up!, Jordan Robson-Cramer of XY Lover and Michael Doerksen. The new line-up released its first effort, the band’s second LP, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, in May 2006. Take a listen to the song They Took a Vote and Said No from their album Shut Up I Am Dreaming.

mp3. Sunset Rubdown – Take Took a Vote and Said No

The second band you can jam to is Anathallo. Wierd band name you say well……the band’s name, Anathallo, is derived from a Greek word meaning “to renew, refresh or bloom again, and it also means to to sit in a pasture on a spring day stroking a three legged cat.” The band is originally from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and now based in Chicago, Illinois (shout out to my old stomping grounds). Anathallo utilizes a wide variety of instruments, including horns, guitars, drums, piano, bells, and even unconventional objects like chains, velcro strips, stomp boxes, and pipes. Here is Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash) from their newest album.

mp3. Anathallo – Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash)

Hopefully you haven’t been caught by the po-po, the fuzz, coppers, or the 5-0. Here is your final listen for today, it is from the folk singer Erin McKeown. Erin started out by promoting her first album all over New England while trying to get a degree in Ethnomusicology from Brown University (talk about a lot of pressure). McKeown’s music is difficult to categorize in terms of genre; it has touched on pop, swing, rock, folk, and electronic music, as well as many other genres. She continues to perform regularly, spending much of her time touring throughout the world with artists such as Ani DiFranco, Josh Ritter, Andrew Bird, Thea Gilmore and others. Listen to Slung Lo from her album Grand on her myspace.



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